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Helping Survivors of Sex Trafficking to Switch from the tracks to Freedom, Restoration, and Hope

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Together, we can solve one of the greatest human rights issues of today: sex trafficking..

Why Should You Help Make The Switch?

  • You can switch the life trajectory of a victim, giving her the freedom and support to grow, dream and thrive. 
  • You can switch multigenerational poverty into multigenerational prosperity, by supporting a victim and her children to pursue education and economic stability. 
  • You can switch the perception of a community that sees a victim as a prostitute, not a person.
  • You can switch the judicial systems law and policies, that treat a victim as a criminal, not an exploited person. 

Everyone has the ability to support the effort to liberate victims that are imprisoned by human sex trafficking. The Switch is dedicated to supporting victims through education, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment,  while engaging individuals and communities to stop modern-day slavery: of human trafficking. Through targeted programming and investments, the Switch reverses the direction of a victim’s life, ensuring that she is back on track for success. 

From healing, to hope, to economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, the Switch works with survivors of human trafficking in providing a roadmap to recovery while maintaining our core belief: every human being deserves a life filled with safety, support, and love. 

We strive to abolish human trafficking but know that we can’t do it alone. The Switch works with strategic partners with allies, advocates, and communities to create programs that support survivors and work to destroy this system of modern-day slavery and create a world where every person has the opportunity to thrive.