Human trafficking is a plague for any city infected by it. If we are going to generate the mass support necessary to eradicate human trafficking, we will need to help the general public realize the true gravity of modern day slavery; slavery existing in their world, and address the myths that could hinder their full investment into the solution. We will also need to build strategic partnerships across federal, state, and local agencies, including but not limited to schools systems. In addition to bold intervention strategies, we will need to start moving up-stream and implement some preventative measure to ensure that our children are not easy prey for traffickers. This is a monumental task, but with the right team it can be done; communities can be educated and soft targets can be strengthened.

The average age of a human trafficking victim is approximately 12 -14 years old. If we concentrate our efforts on strengthening the support system of the primary targets of the trafficking, then we will inevitably weaken both the supply and demand of the industry. The purpose of this is to define ways in which the Human Trafficking ICU Campaign can empower local schools and communities to protect marginalized lives.

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Human Trafficking ICU

The Switch’s ICU Anti-Trafficking program is perfect for every school around the country. It requires parent and community engagement, encourages the avoidance of high risk behaviors, and helps the students achieve optimal health and academic outcomes.

Awareness Champion

Want to bring education and awareness to the issue of human trafficking in schools, churches, and in the community? It takes a Champion to help abolish the crisis of domestic minor sex trafficking. Join the Switch!

Courage Coaching Program

The Switch’s Courage Coach Certification Program, an extensive, online course of study on human trafficking designed to educate and empower.

Peer Positive System

Based on his D.I.A.L. Approach to Positive Youth Development, David created the PeerPositive System to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders.


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