In this 21st Century the stratification of people has caused the issue of human rights to be on the rise more than ever. According to the US State Department “There are more slaves today than during the transatlantic slave trade”.   People are seen and treated as products and not as those created by God to have a hope and a future. The plight of exploited girls and women has made it almost impossible for them to receive their education, raise their children, and to live productive lives.   How do we begin to change the trajectory of the marginalized, how do we begin to engage with a person and not just human trafficking, a cause, and how do we begin to educate and empower those who have become victim to human trafficking?

Answer: There must be a SWITCH!

For victims of exploitation the track is a dark place.We need you to be the light!

Help Stop Trafficking

    The mission of The Switch is to develop appropriate responses to meet the needs of those who have become victims of human trafficking.


    The vision of The Switch is all about education.  The education of communities, schools, and government.  Ultimately our goal is to develop a model school that can provide education and facilitate recovery. Such a facility could meet the needs of our community and provide a template, which if followed by others could extend the benefits of our good efforts across the country and around the world.


The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network was established in 2016 when Marlene Carson and David Mahan were being interviewed on Trinity Broadcast Network. Marlene talked about being a victim of human trafficking, the red flags and how we can prevent our children from being trafficked. David talked about a few things including culture, sexual risk avoidance, and media influence. Afterwards the two, Marlene and David realized what they had and the two of them collaborated together and decided to form The Switch.


To most a track is known as having rails, fasteners that enable trains to move by providing a dependable surface for its wheels. To victims of human trafficking the track is the area known for prostitution activity.  We are the switch because we aim to:

  • Switch the track
  • Switch the trajectory of victims in order to help bring them to a place of healing and wholeness.
  • Switch the way perception of communities that view exploited people as prostitutes.
  • Switch the way the judicial system views exploited people as criminals and not as victims.
  • Switch the lives of exploited people in order to change the lives of their children

Together, we can become the solution to one of the greatest human rights challenges of our day.  To help victims on a new path to freedom, hope, and restoration.

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