What Are Awareness Champions?

The Switch goes through great lengths to bring education and awareness to the issue of human trafficking.  Educating Awareness Champion allows them to take their passion to help abolish human trafficking to the next dimension.
We believe that every community, church, and every business should have a trained Awareness Champion in the event that a traffickers decides to target your community.  Awareness Champions must be at least 15 years old.  In an effort to abolish human trafficking an Awareness Champion brings education and awareness in their community, school, church, and social groups.

We have created a specialized program for communities with a Neighborhood Watch Association.   Want more information schedule an appointment today! You must be a part of the Association.

The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network Awareness Champion Program is made up of one 4 hour sessions. You can obtain certification for only:Online Course: $97 per person

Our primary purpose is to educate and equip compassionate volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking; empowering them with accurate information about the many aspects of human trafficking.


  • What is Human trafficking?
  • Human Trafficking myths and misconceptions
  • Red Flags
  • How to identify the grooming process
  • Common Traits of Traffickers
  • What you should do in the event that you have identified a victim
  • Soft Targets and how to strengthen them
  • The difference between prostitution and human trafficking?
  • Where a lot of exploited minors hang out in Franklin county
  • Backpage, Uber and how they play into exploiting our children
  • Street Terminology
  • Who are the exploiters?
  • Who are the buyers?
  • The Porn gateway and our children
  • How you can help…..and so much more!
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