What Are Courage Coaches?

Walking with a victim of human trafficking not only takes love and patience, it also takes wisdom. Our Certified Courage Coaching Program equips people of compassion with the necessary tools and resources to effect positive change and facilitate recovery. During this 6 week online training you will be educated and empowers to walk alongside survivors of human trafficking and addiction that have gone from Surviving to Thriving.


  • The Courage Coaching Courses Includes:
  • The Human Trafficking Industry
  • The ARC of Saftey-Addiction Recovery Coaching
  • Mindset Matters
  • 12 Steps to Transform the Exploited Soul
  • Aftercare
  • Self Care

The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network Certified Courage Coaching Program is a 6-week training and professional certification course of extensive study on human trafficking.   Classes are held every Monday night, online and can be taken in the privacy of your own home.

You can obtain certification for only $297 per person.

In-Person Group Course: $397 per person (please contact us for more information)

Classes are held for mission groups, in small groups or for victim/survivor families and are conducted by teleconference and online classes.

As a Courage coach, you will be creating a safe non-judgmental environment for survivors to become SurThrivers.  Our main purpose is to educate and equip compassionate volunteers to serve and assist victims of human trafficking; empowering them with the courage to effect positive change within the lives of exploited individuals.

Ready to make a difference? Become a Courage Coach today!

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