History contains the stories of great men, women, organizations, and civilizations; seemingly birthed and developed for a predestined purpose to impact the lives of many.

Dr. Marlene Carson, Sur-thriver of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, is one of America’s foremost authorities on the subject of human trafficking. While many have a textbook knowledge of the perils faced by teenage girls and young adult women who are forced into prostitution. Dr. Carson knows from her own personal experience. At age 15 she became one of the tens of thousands of girls and young adult women who are exploited daily. Through faith in Christ and sound biblical teaching, Dr. Carson’s misery became a mission to hurting teen girls and women who are seeking to be free.

In 2008 Dr. Carson Founded Rahab’s Hideaway, a fully comprehensive residential treatment facility. It is the mission of Rahab’s Hideaway to develop appropriate responses to meet the needs of those who have become victims of human trafficking/prostitution including; but not limited to, the development of a model facility that can provide refuge and facilitate recovery.

Dr. Carson has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and promotions, as well as a track record for strategic planning within organizations resulting in demonstrated growth and profitability. Her entrepreneurial spirit is more than zealous–it’s results-driven. Dr. Carson’s natural networking ability and know-how enables her to connect need with resource on various levels of business. She is currently using her natural ability to bring a skilled team together to develop The Switch, A National Anti-Human Trafficking Network. She believes that together, we can become the solution to one of the greatest human rights struggles of our day, and set the survivors on a new path to freedom, hope and restoration.

Dr. Carson is a native and resident of Columbus, Ohio, but her heart for victimized women knows no boundaries. Her knowledge of human trafficking and its victims has caused her to be a sought-after speaker on the subject. She’s not only the voice of the victim, but the voice of the victor inside each of the women desiring to make a change. Her zeal has effected a vision that is unique in its application and effective in its efforts to reach victimized women, remove them from their abuser, and provide a safe environment to regroup and rebuild. Dr. Carson’s work has been featured on Katie Couric, Oprah (website) CNN Freedom Project as well as National and local News around the US. Marlene has received many awards and commendations including the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Carson travels the world educating others on human trafficking covering the scope and nature of the problem; trafficking routes, trends, and patterns; and related issues including rule of law such as corruption, money laundering, pimp control, and transnational criminal activity.

David Mahan

David Mahan is known for being one of the most cross-cultural speakers in the country. He possesses the rare ability to connect with audiences of all kinds: faith-based or secular, affluent or disadvantaged, young or seasoned. His experience stems from years of working with thousands of youth and adults from just about every demographic and sub-culture imaginable. Regardless of the audience, his message is strong enough to reach the hardest hearts, yet compassionate enough to reach the most broken ones. When mentoring educators, he often says that effective communication is not as much about “what” is said, but “how” you say it. For this reason, he employs every part of his personality to skillfully guide his audience to each principle, through a myriad of emotions from side-splitting laughter, to solemn self examination.

For years, David has been a popular speaker and youth development consultant for organizations such as the Federal Administration for Children and Families, Georgia’s Governor’s Office for Children and Families, Maryland Department of Health, Mississippi Department of Human Services, the Ohio Department of Youth Services, the Salvation Army, TBN, the Ambassador Speaker’s Bureau, and several school districts across the country.

From Tragedy to Triumph: As with so many children, David and Elese, his wife of 22 years, had to navigate their own childhood through the obstacles and consequences of their parents poor choices. The physical abuse, substance abuse and poor relationship and financial choices that mingled in with the well-meaning intentions of their parents, made for an often challenging and conflicted childhood. Then came their own poor choices which led to them becoming teen parents. After wrestling with some really difficult decisions, they chose to get married in 1994 and raise their baby girl Jessica the best they could. With little education, no money, and Jessica sleeping in the bottom drawer of her great-grandmother’s dresser, David and Elese realized that they needed to make some pretty extreme lifestyle changes if their family would ever have a chance of being anything better than what theirs were like growing up. Twenty years and a whole lot of hard work later, the six member Mahan family is thriving. As the daughter of teen parents, Jessica should statistically be a teen mom herself, raising her baby alone on welfare. However, because two teenagers sought help and changed their habits, Jessica graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and is currently on the Dean’s List at the Ohio State University studying neuroscience. Her sister Alexis, following in her footsteps, received over $100,000 in scholarship money for her college education. David and Elese have a passion to see children and families overcome life’s obstacles, and get back on course to BUILDING LEGACIES THAT THEY CAN BE PROUD OF. Check him out in our video section.

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