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Many refer to “come out of the closet” as a way to announce to friends, families and in some cases the world that you are gay or a lesbian. Sure, that could be an undisclosed reality for some, but that is not the only undisclosed reality many face.

Whether realized or not, every person has undisclosed realities that need to come out of their closet. If not addressed, these realities can keep you from your destiny. When and as long as they are tucked away, we cannot deal with them. Some may include:

  • Mismanaged Money
  • Envy or Jealousy
  • Unhealthy Relationships
  • Addiction
  • Unforgiveness
  • Greed
  • Procrastination
  • Fear
  • Insecurity

There are different ways these realities can be tucked away in your closet.


You know that there is disorder in your life, but you have yet to identify what is causing the disorder and how to begin to fix it. In this case it is important to begin by organizing your closet. It is typical to blame others for your clutter. Blaming others is a simple way to form excuses and not address your issues – perhaps you are waiting for someone to change or apologize. There is just one problem; you are only hindering yourself from moving forward. Knowing your issues is half the battle.


With one glance, you can see everything. You know your issues and have owned up to them. Your closet is organized; the stuff must come out, and now is the time to face your identified issues. It is common to get stuck in an organized closet if you believe you are who you are and you will never change. The truth is with God’s help, anyone can change. You must have a desire to change and seek the resources that are available to assist you.


You have organized and cleaned out your closet, and there are only a few undisclosed realities left. Because they have been there for so long, you may feel it is impossible to get rid of them or at least not worth the effort. This closet can be tough to come out of because for so long it is used as a crutch. Continuing to revert back to an issue caused early on in life and allowing it to hold you back from your purpose can lead to other issues. Even childhood issues can hinder your destiny. In order to be made whole, everything must come out of your closet.

A lot of issues interconnect with one another. For instance, mismanaged money is often a result of the lack of a budget, which is often a result of fear – fear of not being able to have the freedom to spend how you want, causing a loss of control in that area of your life. Although fear may be a reality, a budget provides complete control of your finances and enables you to see how your money is spent.

Envy or jealousy can be a result of procrastination. Each and every person was created with a specific purpose. Everything that is needed to fulfill your purpose is inside of you. When what could be done today is put off until tomorrow, next week, next year or never, that purpose goes unfulfilled and leaves a void. It is easy to recognize those who are living on purpose according to the plan that God has for their lives. It is even easier to become envious or jealous, due to the void triggered by not fulfilling your purpose.

There are numerous issues that can lead to some type of addiction including unforgiveness. Individuals often focus on what is playing in their minds. In order to hold a grudge and keep it relevant, one must continue to revisit the past incident. Although the incident is only in the mind, the pain is still very real and can become the source of alcohol and/or drug addiction in order to escape or suppress the pain.

Insecurity can (and almost always does) lead to unhealthy relationships. When you are insecure you often do not realize your value or worth. If you do not realize your value, you will be quick to allow others to use and abuse you. Insecurity produces fear of abandonment. You will begin to feel like you must carry the weight in order to maintain the relationship. This can also lead to bottled up hurt, pain and unforgiveness.

Not only do your issues hinder you from your destiny, but they also hinder others from theirs’. How? Every time you disclose and conquer an issue, you overcome. As an overcomer, God expects you to share your testimony of overcoming with others. Your testimony will help others to overcome the same obstacles that you have already conquered. Its time to come out of the closet.

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