ITHRIVE Media Group is a subsidiary of The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network. At the helm of iTHRIVE are some of the most amazing SurThriver Leaders of human trafficking from around the country. Here at iTHRIVE, we are committed to bringing education and awareness to human trafficking, to assist victims of human trafficking by sharing stories of hope and inspiration, establishing iTHRIVE Magazine as a social enterprise that would employ SurThrivers at a fair wage.

If you are a survivor and would like to join this initiative or you are not a survivor but would like to volunteer to assist with the magazine please email

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Alexis is a singer/songwriter and social activist committed to helping people “discover their purpose, ignite their passion, and impart their art”

She is excited to work as the songwriter and performing artist on The Switch Anti-Trafficking Networks, theme song, The Switch; partnering with producers, artists and fellow activists.

Media has played a huge role in shaping our youth, culture and society at large.  So many youth want to be the next music video producer without knowing what goes on behind the scenes.

Media Mentors is a part of iTHRIVE.  Producers from around the country have offered to mentor those with the creative talent, desire and passion and want to be a part of the music and media industry.

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