Introducing, The P.R.E.P.P. Academy, a division of The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network.  The Switch has teamed up with secondary education and tech programs in order to facilitate a program unlike no other.   Positive Reinforcements for Education with a Peer Positive approach; Student housing; small class room settings;  and peer accountability.  Some youth of today have been forced to create their own safe family environment.

Here at The PREPP Academy we have created a loving, non-judgmental, family environment where our students can thrive! Social Justice is also an interest.  The PREPP Academy offers students a platform that can change their life while changing their world.

  • OSHA Certification
  • Culinary Arts including home economics
  • School of Broadcasting including Television, radio and print med
  • STNA, State Tested Nursing Assistant
  • GED or High School Diploma (Depending on age)
  • Cosmetology

Projected Opening 2019

Located in Millersburg, Ohio sits on 4 acres of land in beautiful Amish country. Our plans are to make this 40,000 sq. ft facility a state of the art school where our students will receive a clean slate at life and learning.  We call it the first time for a second chance.  We, here at The Switch believe that Education with demonstration equals prevention of human trafficking and youth homelessness.  Because of our Peer Positive approach a sense of love and family is created with staff and students.

It was a cold, rainy day when Curry was ready to give up.  She had no money, food, and no place to go.  Her left leg had gone numb from the cold.  On the streets for 7 years, Curry, just 19, she was tired of having to sell her body, be abused by pimps, sleeping in a cardboard box instead of a bed.

But 14 months later she was walking across the stage at Columbus State Community College, dressed in a spotless white graduation cap and gown with a bright yellow sash that proudly told the world that the girl from the street who nobody wanted was valedictorian of her high-school class with a License as a State Tested Nursing Assistant.

Founder and C.E.O. Marlene Carson has always felt that her education was stolen during the most crucial time in her life.  Therefore, Education has always and will be a top priority of The Switch.  For those we empower we also encourage to get their education.  Whether that means going back to go get their High School Diploma or attending a career or technical college.

Starting over again can feel like a long, cold, and winding road that leads you to the unfamiliar.  However, at P.R.E.P.P. Academy it is our model to partner with peers who have gone on before us and achieved great success in the area of education.  Our academic partners know what it feels like to be set apart while being set up for success because they did it too!  We have structured the P.R.E.P.P. Academy to prepare students for life.

The P.R.E.P.P. Academy will cater to students aging out of the foster care system and those that are survivors of human trafficking 18 and up.

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