Courage Coaches

The Switch Anti-Trafficking Network Certified Courage Coaching Program is a 6-week training and professional certification course of extensive study on human trafficking. Our primary purpose is to educate and equip compassionate volunteers to serve and assist victims of human trafficking; empowering them to effect positive change within the lives of exploited individuals.

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Awareness Champions

Education ends ignorance. In human trafficking, however, bringing awareness to the issue without a plan to execute change creates a burden without a solution. Our Awareness Champion model includes tools and resources holistically needed to deal with prevention and intervention; ultimately ending the demand.

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Human trafficking is a plague for any city infected by it. If we are going to generate the mass support necessary to eradicate it, we will need to help the general public realize the real gravity of modern-day slavery existing in their world, and address the myths that could hinder their full investment into the solution. We will also need to build strategic partnerships across federal, state and local agencies, including school systems. In addition to bold intervention strategies, we will need to start moving up-stream and implement some preventative measures to ensure that our children are not easy prey for traffickers; with the right team it can be done, and communities will be strengthened and enriched in the process.

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Peer Positive System

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Based on his D.I.A.L. Approach to Positive Youth Development, David created the PeerPositive System to help organizations develop their students into effective peer leaders. While youth organizations generally provide a wealth of valuable services, this web-based tool enables them to effectively integrate their various program components and provides a method for incentivizing responsible behavior. In addition to a user-friendly system of program management, rank, and evaluation, the PeerPositive System utilizes innovative online resources and the power of positive peer pressure to prepare youth to engage, equip, and empower their peers.

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