Cheryl Wooten-Executive Director, The Switch

Cheryl Wooten enjoys a long history of leadership and strategic planning.
Cheryl ‘grew up’ in the banking industry where she served over 20 years. Throughout her career in the for-profit industries, she was instrumental in creating customer loyalty through brand recognition, staff engagement and helping create policies and procedures that produced loyal customers and optimal business relations.  Moving from banking to non-profit work, she facilitated the launch of start-up organizations and took seasoned entities to the next level by using proven best practices. Her message to faith-based organizations is to follow best practices as a ‘Compassionate Business’. Throughout her life she has assisted many not for profit organizations with strategic planning and implementation of key factors to launch the mission forward.  Cheryl is seasoned in recognizing next steps needed to achieve ministry and marketplace to move to the next level while providing key strategies to attain the goals set by each.  Cheryl has served with universities to achieve multi-cultural initiatives throughout the USA and Canada for college recruitment.  Her vision for workforce development is to help all to have access to employment with a living wage and to help each person realize their God-given gifts and mission.  Cheryl’s personal mission statement is ‘To Unite and Ignite!’

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